Car Dealerships Support For Charitable Works


Automotive companies can also engage in giving back to the community as one way of deepening their relationships with their customers. There are some people who don’t trust the auto industry and there are some perceptions that auto dealers make a lot of money than other businesses. Car dealerships can step out of these misconceptions and help out needy people in the society just like other business organizations. Supporting charitable organizations like the Red Cross is a good way for a car dealership to begin building its name in the society.


There is a mutual benefit for both the car dealership and Red Cross or any charitable organization in need of financial support. A classic car dealership can decide to give a particular amount of money after sale of its unique vintage cars. Instead of the traditional way of writing a check, a car dealership can also decide to directly give money to the organization in need. This is a unique way of building a close relationship with the community even if the dealer is not going to benefit immediately. Reputable dealers are more likely to attract potential buyers who frequent their showrooms.

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By giving back to the community, car dealerships can motivate their customers too to contribute towards helping the needy in society. It would make sense for any car dealership to contribute some funds to a charitable organization because the people in need may be the customers of their cars. Disasters have no boundaries and anyone can be affected. A victim of a disaster may want to buy a car from a car dealer that supported him/her when he/she was in distress.

Car dealerships can partner with charitable organizations to hold donation campaigns aimed at collecting resources to help the hungry, poor, diseased and other disadvantaged groups in the society. Consumer donations too can be added to the collections for successful aid to charity needs.


Successful auto dealers like Ford and Lincoln dealers make an annual contribution of between $35.1 million and $84.6 million to non-profitable organizations and charities in the USA alone. Worldwide, Ford distributors lead in charitable contributions. This makes an impact in a variety of communities around the world. The kind gesture of the dealers continues to promote Ford Motor Company and other dealerships are following suit.

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Hyundai and its car dealers also have a strong giving program that supports pediatric cancer awareness and research. The program has successfully run for 16 years and has so far donated over 487 million to clinic’s, hospitals, children’s oncology groups, foundations, schools and research centers fighting the battle against pediatric cancer. Hyundai charitable program includes handprints, donations, grants and 5K races. The company has built itself good reputation across the country and its good works are successful. This continues to propel the company’s sales further.


Any car dealership specializing in classic, exotic, used or new cars can engage in charitable giving and get involved with its local community. This meaningful involvement can build the business PR, bring about potential buyers and eventually grow the business.