In today`s turbulent economic environment, the best move a student can make is to focus on building a career in healthcare industry. Demand for healthcare services are in constant rising, salary expectations are very positive, and what is most important, there are not many difficult educational requirements i.e. you don`t have to obtain bachelor`s or master`s degree to build a career in medical care sector.

There are many amazing healthcare support jobs that won`t take you years of medical school training just to gain entry to the medical care field. Support workers in healthcare are those who assist surgeons, dentists and doctors with monitoring, diagnosing and treating patients. Most of these support positions do not require more than an associate`s degree and training on the job.

What are the advantages of healthcare careers?

If you`re looking for a job that can offer you flexibility and variability in schedule options, healthcare field is probably the right one for you and anyone who`s seeking a non-traditional 9 to 5 employment. Jobs are usually offered as full-time or part-time, providing excellent flexibility for people who work several jobs.

Another great thing is that you don`t have to spend several years and a lot of money for starting a healthcare career. You only need to have a high school diploma and some training in order to become certified professional. Most of the trainings won`t take you more than two years. Also great advantage is that you can get specialization, so you can change your position and hope for higher salary.

If you want to avoid monotonous office jobs, healthcare is definitely something you should consider. Even though some healthcare jobs include repetition, in most cases you will have to face many different challenges each day. For example, you may have to deal with various emerging issues or with patients who come to you with different problems. Basically, healthcare support jobs can be very exciting, and for most people time seems to fly.


What about the salary?

This is actually the best part. Since there`s a high demand for healthcare professionals, salary and benefits are usually more competitive comparing to other industries. Keep in mind that hourly wages and salaries can be different depending on the amount of your experience and education. The average hourly wage is 17$ per hour, but the real payment is between 12$ and 30$ per hour. The higher payments usually go to the people with four years degree, employed in a hospital. On the other side, people that are working in private facilities, home healthcare centers, or residential care facilities. You can also check for some more detailed information on dental hygienist salary Michigan,  PTA salary in Michigan, or any other profession you`re interested.

When it comes to various programs and trainings you can attend in Michigan, you can check Accredited Occupational Therapy Assistant programs if you feel that this might be the way you want to go. At the end, any healthcare support job is not a good choice, which means that basically you cannot make a mistake.