Raising Red Cross Funds Through Comedy

The Red Cross raises funds from individuals in a variety of ways and comedy is one of them. Comedy engages people to come together for entertainment and the opportunity can also be used to educate people on matters concerning healthcare and other humanitarian issues that need financial support to be addressed. If you are an events organizer in your organization, you can consider hiring a stand-up comedian to entertain your guests in the fundraising event. The proceeds from the sale of tickets and other donations can be used to fund Red Cross initiatives in helping people in emergency situations.


Hiring a professional comedian for a Red Cross fundraising event is important because he/she can use his comic wits to explain to people about the work of your organization and how they can support the work. This is a great way to reach potential donors and individuals who may otherwise have lacked the opportunity to support your worthy cause.


Health is an issue that should concern everyone in the society, the Red Cross has helped numerous health projects like building clinics, buying medicine during disease outbreaks and offering medical support in war-torn countries. A really funny comedy night will leave the audience in stitches and make the people reflect on the message of the day. Anyone humbled by the message will likely donate.

Chances are that there are already donors in the audience who contribute to your worthy cause all the time. You don’t want to pester people with the message of contribution. In that case, a comedian should be brilliant enough to show gratitude on your behalf to faithful contributors and not make them feel that they are being pushed to contribute more. Some people who have attended the event will also find it necessary to donate funds by knowing that other people are contributing.


In most cases, the beneficiaries of Red Cross are people in genuine difficult situations. There is no way a comedian should make fun of such groups in the society. This is why you should consider hiring a clean comedian who will not provoke the feelings of potential donors and the audience in general. You can make the comedian understated this before he/she performs on the day of the fundraising event. A very talented comedian can talk about the beneficiaries without making bad jokes about them.


If the comedian you have hired uses positive messages in his/her comedy, people will want to share what they have learnt from the show with their friends or families who didn’t attend the show. Messages can even be shared on social media. A well entertained guest will want to move out of his or her comfort zone and take action by making contributions or even make donations.

It’s obvious that matters that call people to help in addressing health issues or poverty are not funny. Funds are urgently needed to alleviate critical problems in our society and public support is not in its best levels. Comedy is an effective way that the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations can use to present their agenda. When people are entertained and educated, they will not find it hard to contribute to a worthy cause. You can visit LOL agency to hire clean comedians that will help you raise funds for your Red Cross organization.