The nature of Red Cross organizations requires to always act humanely, altruistic and with kindness. Your office should also reflect the nature of this organization and give off a pleasant and inviting feeling to visitors. This is the reason why, for example, carefully choosing your office reception units is very important. If you want to build trust and make your visitors feel comfortable and relaxing, you must carefully furnish and decorate your office. Read on to learn how to always choose the perfect office furniture and furnish your work space with ease.

The Size of the Office

The size of your office is very important when you’re choosing the right furniture. If you have a small workplace, you must measure everything and make sure the furniture you bought fits perfectly into the room. You also must make enough room to open cabinets and drawers, and that people have enough space to get to their desks and feel comfortable, not crowded. Always remember that you’ll be spending 8 hours a day there, five days in a week, sometimes even more. Above all, your office must be comfortable and healthy. You should buy only healthy office furniture, especially when it comes to office chairs. All office chairs must be ergonomically designed, and they must provide quality back support.

Functionality over Aesthetics

Everything you buy must be functional and suitable for its purpose. Never buy things that just look pretty and modern if they don’t have a clear purpose or aren’t practical. Also, not every style is suitable for a Red Cross office. The nature of your work requires to build an office that isn’t too formal (like in a law firm), but it also mustn’t be too informal (such as a home office). You must perfectly balance the style of your workplace with the nature of your job. So, if you have seen some cool, stylish chairs and tables that look great in a catalog, that doesn’t mean they will fit great in your office.

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Extra Office Furniture

Even though you’ll try to avoid it, you will need to buy additional office furniture, such as filing cabinets, book cases, computer stands and similar. You need these pieces to provide yourself and your employees’ additional functionality and storage space in the workplace. No one wants to see a bunch of paperwork and documents on the desks. A clean working environment is also required because it enhances productivity.

Your furniture, besides being ergonomic, must fulfill the necessary health and safety requirements. That means you can’t use furniture that will inevitably lead to sore backs, strains, aches and other work-related injuries and ailments. If you are not careful, not only you can endanger your health and the health of your employees, but you can also end up being sued.

Building Up a Productive Atmosphere

To enhance the productivity of your workers, you should use different colors and patterns to set up the mood. Provide them a lot of natural lighting to make their eyes comfortable in every possible way and if you have a larger office, get room dividers to give you staff more privacy. The staff that spends the entire day on the phone or the computer needs peace and quiet to be able to concentrate on work.